Fuel Forged Wheels FF45 - 8 Lug


  • Brushed Face w/ Anthracite Windows / Polished Lip
  • 20x9 / 20x10 / 20x12 / 20x14 / 22x10 / 22x11 / 22x12 / 22x14 / 22x16 / 24x10 / 24x11 / 24x12 / 24x14 / 24x16 / 26x12 / 26x14 / 26x16 / 28x16 / 30x16
  • 8 Lug
Fuel Forged wheels are machined from 6061 T-6 forged aluminum monoblocks. Each order is custom made to your Truck or SUV's specifications. Fuel Forged wheels are available polished, black & milled, or custom painted.

Each Fuel Forged wheel is available with fully customizable lip details. You can choose from no lip milling, 1 Fuel Forged logo, 2 Fuel Forged Logo’s, 1 Fuel Forged Logo with milled dimples, 2 Fuel Forged Logos with milled dimples, available with or without Fuel Forged logo’s.
Product image shown not representative of all configurations. Vehicle specific fitment will change offset, dish and center profile. Please consult your salesperson for application-specific details.

Fitment Lookup

Fitment Lookup